Through challenging and compassionate guidance, I empower musicians to seek and value their unique expression.

-Rebecca Fischer

in-person SESSIONS:*

  • Violin Study - Play the violin with ease and conviction through lessons on varied violin repertoire, technical studies and inventive practice and performance advice. With 20 years of experience, Ms. Fischer specializes in a holistic approach to the violin tailored to each musician.


  • String and Piano Chamber Music Coaching - Delve into the greatest ensemble music possible with colleagues you love and admire. First violinist of the acclaimed Chiara String Quartet for 18 years, Ms. Fischer was trained by members of the Juilliard, Takacs, Concord and Cleveland Quartets. She has been passionately coaching chamber music groups at schools, festivals and out of her home for two decades.


  • Consulting for Chamber Music Ensembles - Focus on the good stuff of rehearsals and performances through empowered, trusting and efficient business organization and group communication. Inspired by the Chiara String Quartet’s adoption of techniques from software developers, Ms. Fischer will address your group's unique needs and prepare a plan for greater cohesion within your ensemble.


  • Career Consulting for Individuals and Groups - Ms. Fischer will develop a plan with you to identify, clarify and manifest your creative projects and goals.

*some sessions available over Skype


  • The Enlightened Performer - Sessions on fearless performance (i.e. fighting the doubts), effective and fun practicing, memorization that sticks, welcoming your audiences, and creating performance opportunities in your community.

    *Available for 1, 2, or 3-session workshops.

  • Audition Success - Enjoy your audition preparation with useful tips about goal setting, organizing your time up to the audition, and channeling your performance energy for a great audition experience.

  • Play It By Heart - Session on how to memorize music with ease and confidence for artistically gratifying performances.

  • Hello Audience!  - For all musicians who have stumbled through a hasty and uncomfortable introduction to your piece… This workshop will help you improve your onstage communication skills, create engaging introductions to your pieces, and put together intriguing programs.


* *All Teaching sessions can be adapted for larger groups in a masterclass or workshop format.

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